Aluminum CABLE BRACE FOR Stairs

The aluminum cable brace for stairs (commonly referred to as a baluster or picket) is a component used between structural posts to support the cables from deflecting when wood or composite sleeved posts are spaced 6′-8′ apart. 

The RailFX cable brace for stairs includes (1) one 50″ long 5/8 x 5/8 square tube, (2) two angled floor plates, (1) one level floor plate and screws. This product can be cut down to any size to match the top rail height. It comes undrilled so slots can be drilled on-site to match the cable angel or pre-drilled with 12 holes.  Use cable brace floor plates (included) to attach to top and bottom rail or deck.


*Cable brace is available in black, silver, white, and bronze color options.


Part Number:

Black Slotted: RFXCB-3.125-50-BL-AL-12S-FLP

White Slotted: RFXCB-3.125-50-WH-AL-12S-FLP

Silver Slotted: RFXCB-3.125-50-SI-AL-12S-FLP

Bronze Slotted: RFXCB-3.125-50-BZ-AL-12S-FLP


Black Undrilled: RFXCB-3.125-42-BL-AL-FLP

White Undrilled: RFXCB-3.125-42-WH-AL-FLP

Silver Undrilled: RFXCB-3.125-42-SI-AL-FLP

Bronze Undrilled: RFXCB-3.125-42-BZ-AL-FLP

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