Keep cable railings looking new: 4 simple steps

A great addition to a deck or stairway, stainless steel cable railings and hardware offer long-term value to a homeowner’s outdoor living area. From unobstructed views, distinguished design aesthetics — modern and classic — cable railings are code compliant and extremely low maintenance.


Regular inspection of the fastener (attachment) and general cleaning is recommended, at a minimum of once a year. Over time, fasteners may loosen, and the homeowner can easily adjust and tighten the fasteners. Fasteners tend to discolor over time, which is normal, and it does not affect the integrity or strength of the fastener.


Over time, natural weathering events will accumulate on the surface—materials like pollen, algae, oxidation, and other pollutants. There’s no need for harsh chemicals, household cleaners, and harsh abrasives to keep cable railings clean. Use a mild, non-abrasive soap and water solution once a year, and rinse with fresh water to remove residual soap.

For coastal installations near saltwater, cable railings will stand up to the elements, yet we advise inspecting more frequently or consider a salt-resistant stainless steel cable option.

Here is a step-by-step cleaning guideline for:

  1. Coated surfaces: use clean water and a soft cloth
  2. Aggressive cleaning needs: use mild dishwashing soap and water with a soft cloth
  3. Minor scuffs marks or scratches: use a mild abrasive like Soft Scrub™ or equivalent and a soft cloth
  4. Sticky elements: remove sap, tree seeds, bugs, and such as soon as possible. The heat exposure from the sun accelerates adhesion to coated surfaces making it more difficult to remove

As with most cleaning products, always test cleaning products on a small surface before applying them to cable railings.

RailFX Cable Railing

RailFX products and systems are fabricated with the highest-grade materials available on the market and finished with a wet coat applied with technology that meets AAMA 2605 standards. For all RailFX cable railing and fastener installations, we recommend applying our RailFX Boeshield® T-9 just after installation for optimal results. 

For regular maintenance, use our E-Z Clean, two-part cleaner, and protectant as a complete package for all cable railing installations. While we use Type 316 stainless steel, the most corrosion and rust-resistant stainless steel available used almost exclusively in our hardware; it is stain-less steel, not stain-proof.