Classic (Basic 102) Cable Kit for Level or Pitched Runs

A through-the-post configuration is the ideal scenario to use the Classic (Basic 102) threaded stud cable kits. The threaded studs are a functional fitting, not a hide-in-the-post solution. A brass hex nut and some metal thread (both covered by an end cap) will extend beyond the back of the post on one end. A Pull-Lock® fitting is installed through the other end.

For either wood or metal posts, use the Classic (Basic 102) Series. The tensioning device is a 2-7/8” long threaded stud which installs on the back side of one end post.

When taking cable railing through a corner, do not bend the cable past 45 at any one time. If turning 90, a 2-step turn using a double corner post configuration is required.

The Classic (Basic 102) Series kit is offered with cable lengths from 5′-70′. Each kit contains the cable and hardware needed to complete one run. 

Tools Required for Installation

• 7/32″ Drill Bit
• 1/4″ Drill Bit
• 1/2″ Drill Bit
• 1/8″ Hex Wrench
• 7/16″ Wrench
• Cut Off Kit (mandrel)
• Cut Off Kit (wheel)
• Pre-Tensioning Block
• Lacing Needle

Order our Installation Kit along with your Cable Kit to ensure you have the required tools needed. Use the Part Number INSTL-KIT-100_200


Classic (Basic 102) Kit

Cable Length 1/8″ Cable 3/16″ Cable
Part No. Part No.
5′ RFX10205 RFX10205-6
10′ RFX10210 RFX10210-6
15′ RFX10215 RFX10215-6
20′ RFX10220 RFX10220-6
25′ RFX10225 RFX10225-6
30′ RFX10230 RFX10230-6
40′ RFX10240 RFX10240-6
50′ RFX10250 RFX10250-6
60′ RFX10260  
70′ RFX10270  


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