Case Study: Luke Dials of Hammer Down Labor

Project: Oregon Ocean Residential Home

Project Summary: RailFX Cable Railing for Decks

A jack of all trade’s remodeler willing to take on just about any project, Luke Dials, Hammer Down Labor owner, is a remodeling contractor in the greater-Portland, Oregon area. He is meticulous in his research when it comes to using products, installation, and services.

His remodeling projects have included:

  • A garage addition
  • Extending a new room off the side of a home
  • Interior fireplace addition in the home

One of his recent remodeling projects included a whole house facelift, including the deck, railing, and stairs. The home sold within two hours of being on the market. A true testament to his work ethic and meticulousness.

When one of your projects is for your grandfather’s home of more than 40 years with sweeping views of the Oregon Ocean, product choice is just as important.

“We started building out the upstairs, extending the home with an open concept for unobstructed sunset views over the Pacific Ocean,” said Luke. “The focus is adding more viewing areas throughout the home.”

The home sits on a modest hill in the Nelscott Reef district of Lincoln City, about 90 miles west of Portland. Home to sandy beaches and relying heavily on tourism, the area and Nelscott Reef are known to famed professional surfers worldwide. With 25 to 50-foot ocean swells, the site is home to the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic. The event occurs anytime between October 1st through March 31st, with a three-day “contest is on” warning notice guaranteeing optimal swells. The purse is $10,000.

Luke’s grandfather researched the type of deck and railing ultimately deciding on cable railing with an eye toward the ocean view. They considered glass infill however being on the beach — with glass fogging up and the constant salt air — it was not ideal for their needs. “We didn’t want a railing solution that would interfere with the view. Cable railing was more neutral in terms of blending in well with the color of the area, cloud coverage gray, and of course offering an unobstructed view,” added Luke.

Once they decided to use cable railings to complete the exterior deck, they found RailFX through their local dealer, Parr Lumber. The installation was complex because of the uneven surface of the wood deck. “Some of the wood deck boards are curved, due to natural shrinking and swelling, and getting the posts level throughout the deck was one of the more challenging parts of the install,” said Luke.

Luke’s grandfather is a woodworker and because the stair rake and angle were different, they added a custom-built wooden railing to make it ADA compliant, which completed the project.

We think you’ll agree the views are impressive with or without the sun, even winning the RailFX 2020 Photo Contest.