How disruption makes us better

This year has been anything but predictive. With a pandemic to multiple hurricanes and other weather disturbances to forest fires in the West, it has been a significantly unpredictable year. Manufacturers, dealers, distributors, builders, remodelers, and contractors were forced to look at how they do business and learn to manage their business differently. RailFX customer service continues to be a major focus for our business.

Some lasting effects and changes will live long past this year. Industries are changing to ensure everyone is safe and healthy. While the outlook is anything but crystal clear, one thing is sure, the building and remodeling industry continues to be a bright spot in the nation’s economic recovery.

With more homeowners working and playing from home, the need for specific products rose during the second quarter. Manufacturers able to pivot and adapt haven’t missed a beat. In our RailFX facilities, we made modifications to keep employees safe and healthy while supplying our customers and homeowners with products from the start of the pandemic to today, while also looking at the future.

Technology + Personalized Communication

Now, more than ever is the time to embrace technology. Whether it’s new or enhanced, technology like video conferencing, has replicated the face-to-face business transaction. We no longer need to be in the same room to have an effective meeting, and in some cases, we’re more effective and efficient.

Technology, coupled with practical communications skills — writing an email, social media, text messaging — has led to improved productivity. At RailFX, we made the transition seamlessly.

We make it easy to order with our simple online quoting form and step-by-step process. Faster lead times are possible with our aluminum railing systems, FlexFX, and, cable railing kits. Quotes are turned around in 24-48 hours, and products (stock colors) shipped within three to five days to all 50 states in protective packaging. 

RailFX Customer Service

There are many products to choose from and depending on the category, it can make the decision process difficult. You can rely on RailFX customer service and our expertise in the cable railing business. We do the work, so you don’t have to spend the time and dive into all the microscopic details.

Any company can say they have excellent customer service, but they may fall short somewhere between quote and final installation. At RailFX, we personalize each job for all our customer, from dealer, builder, and our DIYers. We offer support for all your technical needs in the field for a smooth installation.

Simple Installation

Our installation process is simple. Because of the way we manufacture our cable railings and accessories, RailFX products don’t require fabrication in the field. You only need to assemble the cable railings onsite. Generally, basic tools are all that’s needed to install our products.

Interior stair mount

Our website offers technical data support and installation documents and videos from simple to complex installations along with one-on-one technical support. Because our products are easier to install, our reorder, and satisfaction rates are excellent. See for yourself how stellar RailFX customer service is.

To learn more about RailFX and our turnkey cable railing solution, email us at or call our customer support team at 206.453.1123.

The Growth of Aluminum Cable Railing

Little did we know going into 2020 that the COVID-19 pandemic would annul all the forecasts and surveys conducted in Q4 2019 and Q1 2020. Like many others, our industry had to pivot, and the good news is that manufacturing is a bright spot for the supply and demand markets.

As we learn and adapt how to work from home, school from home, all while living at home, we find ways to make our spaces accommodate what may be the norm for months and years to come.

Home Improvement Spending on the Rise

According to The Home Improvement Research Institute, it’s no surprise home improvement spending has increased almost nine percent in 2020. Contractors account for about four percent, while consumers represent the most extensive increase spending at nearly 11 percent.  

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports “thanks to the pandemic, the front porch is enjoying a new golden age.” The porch allows people to meet face-to-face, masked of course, and still feel like they have the best of both worlds — an inside and outside feeling.

The porch and the backyard living concept continue to drive residential decking and railing demands. As predicted by Principia Consulting (Q3’20), the projected growth rate shows a 4.1 percent growth rate through 2022, with restoration and remodeling driving the market.

Adapting to New Buyers

LBM dealers see an increase in sales to DIYers, many of which are avoiding the home improvement warehouse (Home Depot, Lowe’s, and others) crowds. Many of the pro dealers surveyed in a recent report by Home Innovation Labs™ said they see increases in treated lumber and decking products. Unlike the big box stores, LBM dealers don’t carry a wide selection of SKUs most DIYers are used to seeing.

Growing the Railing Footprint

These days, we are all looking for small victories or silver linings, and the outlook is bright for essential outdoor (and indoor) products to enhance or improve our at-home experience. A recent report by Webb Analytics interviewing suppliers across the country found the appetite for cable railing is growing beyond the West Coast. Powder-coated aluminum railing is also seeing a surge in growth and could outshine PVC in the near term.

According to supplier feedback, there are too many railing options and it’s overwhelming, so some have significantly dropped SKUs. Instead, they rely on manufacturers to have what they need in stock and available with a 48- hour turn in some cases. In some parts of the U.S. aluminum cable railing is new while others have been selling it for years. Of the markets supplying aluminum railing, powder-coated black aluminum is still the number one choice.

Solutions You Can Count On

This all bodes well for us here at RailFX. We make it turnkey for our customers — suppliers, builders and installers, and yes, even DIYers.

At RailFX, we manufacture an all-in-one railing solution for any project. The RailFX aluminum railing system is an easy, affordable, and practical choice with personalized design options, including cable, glass, or picket infill.

We make ordering easy. Fill out a quote request, and we’ll turn it around within 48 hours. We’ll ship your order within three to five days and have it to the job site.

  1. Choose an infill option.
  • CableFX: offers a modern, wider viewing design in 1/8-inch 316 stainless steel cable (recommended for residential applications) and low maintenance. There are two concealed cable options, the Professional  Series and Basic Series.
Aluminum Cable Railing for Decks
  • GlassFX: an excellent windbreak with an unobstructed view, we offer ¼-inch tempered glass in stock or custom designs.
  • PicketFX: a classic and economical design choice available in 5/8″ x 5/8″.
2. Choose a top rail option
  • Post-to post-rails available in round top or square top, or
  • Over-the-post rails in flat, elliptical, or if you prefer, add a wood top, sold separately

3. Choose a post mounting style
  • Surface Mount: used for direct surface mounting to the deck, patio, floor, or stair tread.
  • Fascia Mount (with bracket): for side mounting directly to fascia or rim joist when decking or flashing extend beyond the fascia board.
  • Flush Mount (no bracket): post is mounted directly to the fascia when no deck board or flashing overhangs the fascia board.
  • Core Mount: the post is set in a hole in concrete and grouted in place with non-shrinking grout.

4. Choose a finish color
  • We offer stock colors in black, white, bronze, silver. Custom color options are available for an additional cost and longer lead time.

At RailFX, we’re always building better ways to support you. Lean on us.