Maintaining Cable Railings

With modern, high-quality materials, homeowners shouldn’t have to do significant maintenance.  Keeping their cable railings looking nice and functioning correctly, even close to the ocean, is easy. Because stainless steel can rust, most manufacturers recommend periodic cleaning with water and possibly a mild detergent. Afterwards, do a thorough rinsing.

However, with more coastal areas facing extreme weather, like tropical storms and hurricanes, homeowners need to check on their railings after these events.

Cable railings are high-tension systems, and their lower overall surface areas should protect them during extreme winds. But, after a hurricane or tropical storm, carefully inspect the entire railing system, not just damaged areas. The tension of the cables may pull on other deck components and can create issues down the road. If any posts appear to be loose or twisted, reach out to your contractor.

Cable Railings Cleaning Guidelines

If you choose a RailFX cable railing system, the cleaning guidelines are easy:

  • Use clean water and a soft cloth for coated surfaces.
  • Use mild dishwashing soap with water and a soft cloth for stronger cleaning needs.
  • Remove minor scuff marks or scratches from aluminum posts and rails using a product like Soft Scrub™ (Note: bleach-based products should not be used on stainless steel.)
  • Do not use strong chemicals, household cleaners, harsh abrasives, etc. This is especially true for bleach or products containing bleach. Bleach will stain and discolor stainless steel quickly and easily.
  • Remove sap, tree seeds, bugs, etc. as soon as possible as additional sun and heat exposure can make them stick to the coated surface making them more difficult to remove (but not impossible).
  • Clean glass infills with regular glass cleaner or (made for glass) soap and water.
  • Always test cleaning products on a small, inconspicuous area before applying any product.

And if you have a question about maintaining your railing system, the RailFX team is happy to help. You can email us at or call us at (206) 453-1123.

Daylight Saving Time brings with it the promise of longer days and warmer weather – inspiring many homeowners to refresh their outdoor spaces and create an oasis that can be enjoyed with friends and family all season long. With this in mind, getting your deck season-ready may have already shifted to the top of your weekend to-do list.

Consider these helpful tips as a kickstart to this year’s outdoor living season.

Inspect and Repair

Prioritizing safety is a smart start to your warm weather preparations. During the off season, shifting temperatures, inclement weather and a lack of consistent maintenance can take a toll, causing deck boards, railings, and hardware to loosen or shift. By taking the time to complete a thorough inspection you can ensure the safety of everyone and extend the life of your deck.

Check out the RailFX® article, Inspect the Deck, published for last year’s deck safety month (May). You’ll find simple – yet important – tips to help you complete an annual inspection of your deck’s structure and materials, including the railing. Likewise, our friends at This Old House have created a deck safety checklist with great advice on how to check for signs of deck damage caused by bugs and mold and mildew, along with suggestions on how to contend with cracks, rotted wood and unexpected creaks.

Refresh, Renew and Replace

Now that you’re confident your deck is safe, are you equally as positive about how it looks? There’s no better time than now to get a head start on sprucing up your deck for outdoor entertaining or an upcoming staycation. But, before you begin decorating your space, take the time to remove debris or weeds that likely collected over the winter; eliminate any corrosion that may have occurred; and clean the patio furniture. The experts at True Value share these Five Tips for cleaning and prepping your deck for summer. If you have – or are considering – a RailFX® aluminum cable railing system, cleaning will be quick and easy. You’ll appreciate the insight we share here,  on how to clean cable railing or choose one that will work best for your existing deck.

With the bulk of the work out of the way, you can turn your attention to the fun stuff – decorating. Creating a space that you’ll love is filled with decisions – is it possible to extend your indoor living, to outdoor? What are best solutions for dining, capturing the view or complementing the existing style of your home’s exterior? Check out these ideas from House Beautiful or get started dreaming when you visit the RailFX Inspiration Gallery.

Beauty and Durability for the Long-Term

Investing in updating or designing an outdoor living space is big decision.  The RailFX® FlexFX Program allows you the flexibility to fashion your deck, balcony, or stairway just the way you want – combining your choice of materials – wood, composite, or metal with durable cable railing from RailFX®. 

Is this your first-time considering cable railing for your deck? It’s a smart choice! It delivers unobstructed views, adds value to any home by offering an upscale look (in a variety of finishes) and it’s durable – backed by a 10-year warranty.

Curious to learn more? Contact us to get started.


The days are getting shorter, and you’ve replaced your shorts and sandals with hats and boots. Now’s the time to winterize your home and take steps to help improve its efficiency.

Here are a few simple ways to prepare for the cold, winter months ahead. 

Do-It-Yourself, Fast

Not all home winterization requires a big budget. The experts who work with Bob Vila created a list of affordable, yet impactful, tasks that can be completed this weekend to get your house ready for the big chill. Some of these may already be on your “honey-do” list:

cleaning the gutter

Embrace Durability

While a number of winterization or home exterior projects are strictly functional, others have the added benefit of enhancing your home’s aesthetic. For instance, when it comes to railing materials for your deck or exterior stairs, you can expect that most will require annual maintenance and seasonal protectants to keep them in good order. However, Aluminum Cable Railing and Picket Railing systems from RailFX are engineered to stand up to winter’s harsh conditions and they’re virtually maintenance-free. 

Available in a variety of finishes and styles, you can enjoy the beauty of your deck and have confidence that when the seasons change, your deck railing will look great and remain strong year after year.

Plug the Holes

Did you know that nearly 30% of a home’s energy consumption is in the heating of it?  The good news is that according to these tips from the U.S. Department of Energy, we can save 10-20% on our heating (and cooling) bills just by sealing the areas where air leaks typically occur. Look for these  common culprits:

home maintenance

The biggest cause of heat loss (35%) is drafty windows, doors and walls. If this year’s budget doesn’t allow for window or door replacement, then Popular Mechanics, recommends sealing these areas to prevent cold air from passing through to your home’s interior. Plug open seams, holes and cracks using caulk, weather stripping or an expanding foam sealant.

Uninsulated attics

The experts estimate that nearly 25% of heat loss occurs through the attic or roof a home. Start by checking to confirm that your attic and duct work is insulated and take note of the depth of the insulation. Then, visit the Insulation Institute – they’ve provided an informative guide to help you ensure that your home is properly insulated based on your region of the country. Insulation installation can be a DIY project, though you might want to search for a professional installer.


Basements and floors

Most houses have scarcely any insulation in the flooring or basement. An uninsulated, concrete basement will have less than 2% R-Value, which makes it a significant source of heat loss. Build with Rise shares these expert suggestions on how to insulate your basement  (“like a pro”) to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home.

We’re here to help if you’re interested in learning more about RailFX railing solutions (or want to get a quote). If you’re looking for design inspiration, visit

This time of year, many homeowners – especially those who live in climates with a striking change of seasons – begin to think about how they can savor their outdoor spaces for as long as possible. Still, others who enjoy milder conditions are looking for opportunities to refresh their outdoor living area by making simple upgrades. 

In their 2021 Outdoor Living Trends, asked experts in the home construction industry to reveal how homeowners are choosing to use their exterior spaces these days. While the backyard was considered a separate space in the past, it’s no surprise that over the past 18 months, people have started to look at their outdoor spaces differently. Nearly 50% of residential outdoor spaces are now being adapted for year-round use.

Below are a few suggestions on how to blend and enhance any home’s interior and exterior living areas so they can be enjoyed regardless of the season.

Add a new patio door to create a seamless transition.

What many used to refer to as a “sliding glass door” is now a thing of the past. Those narrow pass-throughs have been replaced with large, collapsible, or bi-parting doors that allow homeowners to blend their indoor and outdoor living settings. Doing so extends social space, delivers a better view, and gives the perception of a more livable area. Find inspiration in these indoor/outdoor combinations shared by Bob Vila. There’s sure to be something that will spark an idea.

Transform the traditional deck into a personal retreat.

Decks have become the new “bonus room.” According to Deck Specialist homeowners want to use their deck year-round; they expect it reflects their personal style and coordinates with their landscape. The good news? There’s a range of options to make this happen. Simple seasonal enhancements like adding furnishings (for example, an outdoor rug, pillows, and blankets) make for an easy transition. More permanent updates such as installing low-voltage or solar lighting are smart upgrades that create a warm setting as the days get shorter and cozy evenings under the stars become the norm. 

In the same way, cable railing from RailFX is an ideal solution for any deck design and  easily complements an existing structure.

As one of the most visible deck elements, railings can elevate and complement an aesthetically pleasing deck and landscape. The trend toward the use of seamless, low-maintenance railing options that are easy to install will continue to gain momentum into next year. Simplified railing systems such as pre-assembled aluminum railing and intuitive cable railing save deck builders valuable time and effort on railing installation while offering a coveted sleek and modern look. ~ Deck Specialist

Heat things up by adding a fire feature.

Nothing says Fall quite like time spent by a fire. Incorporating a fire feature into creating an outdoor living space creates a welcoming attraction to any deck or patio. The most common features are stone fireplaces and metal fire pits. These days, there is a variety of gas and woodburning options to choose from to fit any budget. The experts at Forbes did their fire pit research and have shared a list of top picks to choose from.

railing with fire pit

Design a beautiful balcony.

Not every home has a backyard, but that doesn’t mean outdoor living is out of the question. A balcony can easily be reimagined to provide an ideal exterior oasis or an additional functional space. Natural materials and sleek, modern textures help to create an open, upscale setting. RailFX’s low-maintenance, durable aluminum cable railing system can provide a custom look with clean site lines that help to make a smaller space appear larger and enjoyable all year long.  

Interested in creating an outdoor living space and discovering additional outdoor living features homeowners are craving? Check out this article from our friends at Builder online.

elegant deck balcony

Complete and accurate measurements make all the difference

If you’ve installed cable railing for level runs, you’re familiar with setting and installing posts and running the cable through for a completed project. When it comes to stairs, it takes more planning to make sure you have the right measurements and materials.

We’ve compiled tips to consider from some of the most common mistakes we typically see when orders come through to our team of experts. If you have a tried-and-true tip you’ve discovered while installing RailFX on stairs, we’d like to hear about it. Contact us at

Tip: Include stairs in your project drawings

Example of incomplete stair measurement details.

stair pitch rendering

We often find the stair details are missing from drawings, and simple mistakes happen. We’ve detailed some top tips to set and install stair posts for the cable to have the proper tension.

It is important to note on the stairway runs; no two are alike. Once we receive an order at RailFX, more often than not, we may ask for additional information — pictures and measurements — when stairs are involved. In some cases, we may need to requote a project if there is new information or a difference in layout from the original takeoff.

Stairs are framed differently from project to project, and most drawings we receive (including CAD drawings) do not show the stair framing. This is why we encourage our customers to submit the entire drawings including stairs.

Tip: Proper measurement and angle ensure no setback

The first step to installing stair posts is to measure the stairs’ nose-to-nose distance and angle to determine the total number of posts beyond the top and bottom. Without the proper stair angle and accompanying drawings, the cable may not follow the angle properly, a significant setback to your project’s completion.

Please note, code rules a 6-inch sphere should not pass through the triangle gap formed between the stair riser, stair tread, and the bottom edge of the bottom rail. Always check with your local building codes before installing.

Tip: Anchor the top and bottom posts first

Once the spot for each post is determined (RailFX recommends maximum post spacing 5-feet on center*, including stairs), mark each post spot on the stair treads. Anchor the top post first, making sure it’s plumb. Leave the lower post and any other flexible for installing cables.

All of our posts are pre-drilled and slotted unless a customer requests a blank post. Our stair posts come with additional length due to the differences in the rise and run, and they may need minor adjustments (cutting a bit off the bottom) as the rise and run will vary per project. Intermediate posts are slotted to accommodate the different angles of stairs and so the cable can pass through without kinking.

Tip: One less cable when transitioning to stairs

Typically, on a level run with 36-inch-high rails and without bottom rail, you will use ten cables. When transitioning to the stairs, you’ll remove a cable (nine cables without the bottom rail) because RailFX stair systems are post-to-post top rail configurations. Conversely, if there is a bottom rail desired, eight cables are required for level runs and seven for the stairs.

In the case of 42-inch-high rails, the level run will use 12 cables without the bottom rail and 10 with a bottom rail. The stairs will be quoted at 36-inches for code compliance and the top three cables will terminate prior as you transition to the stair.

Tip: Determine your handrails

No matter which RailFX cable railing system our customers order, we recommend they order either the RFX100 or the RFX250 for the stair rail. Our adjustable over-the-post hardware, which sits on top of our predrilled intermediate slotted posts, allows the rail to run continuously from top to bottom and articulate to the rake and angle of the stairs.


For example, if a customer selects the RFX300 top rail with a stair section, we will quote the RFX100 elliptical stair rail. If a customer selects RFX200 or RFX400 with a stair section, we will quote the RFX250 square stair rail. However, if a customer prefers to use our 200, 300, or 400 systems, we will accommodate their wishes.


To achieve an ADA graspable handrail option, we can assist our
customers with a RFXADA grab rail to use along with our systems.


In this case, when using our 200, 300, and 400 over the post railings, the RFXADA sub rail will be installed sitting under the preferred over the post top rail. The install is more complicated and features two rails instead of our typical post to post one rail system.


Once all posts are Installed according to your stair rise and run, follow our cable installation instructions to ensure your cables are correctly spaced, tensioned, and finished.


At RailFX, we make it easy for you. Upload your drawings and provide details about your project using our online quoting system, and we’ll contact you with any questions or concerns.

*Always check with your local building code.

Our over the post stair rail.

Over the post stair with callouts

Our RFXADA grab rail used with our RailFX400 Top Rail.


How disruption makes us better

This year has been anything but predictive. With a pandemic to multiple hurricanes and other weather disturbances to forest fires in the West, it has been a significantly unpredictable year. Manufacturers, dealers, distributors, builders, remodelers, and contractors were forced to look at how they do business and learn to manage their business differently. RailFX customer service continues to be a major focus for our business.

Some lasting effects and changes will live long past this year. Industries are changing to ensure everyone is safe and healthy. While the outlook is anything but crystal clear, one thing is sure, the building and remodeling industry continues to be a bright spot in the nation’s economic recovery.

With more homeowners working and playing from home, the need for specific products rose during the second quarter. Manufacturers able to pivot and adapt haven’t missed a beat. In our RailFX facilities, we made modifications to keep employees safe and healthy while supplying our customers and homeowners with products from the start of the pandemic to today, while also looking at the future.

Technology + Personalized Communication

Now, more than ever is the time to embrace technology. Whether it’s new or enhanced, technology like video conferencing, has replicated the face-to-face business transaction. We no longer need to be in the same room to have an effective meeting, and in some cases, we’re more effective and efficient.

Technology, coupled with practical communications skills — writing an email, social media, text messaging — has led to improved productivity. At RailFX, we made the transition seamlessly.

We make it easy to order with our simple online quoting form and step-by-step process. Faster lead times are possible with our aluminum railing systems, FlexFX, and, cable railing kits. Quotes are turned around in 24-48 hours, and products (stock colors) shipped within three to five days to all 50 states in protective packaging. 

RailFX Customer Service

There are many products to choose from and depending on the category, it can make the decision process difficult. You can rely on RailFX customer service and our expertise in the cable railing business. We do the work, so you don’t have to spend the time and dive into all the microscopic details.

Any company can say they have excellent customer service, but they may fall short somewhere between quote and final installation. At RailFX, we personalize each job for all our customer, from dealer, builder, and our DIYers. We offer support for all your technical needs in the field for a smooth installation.

Simple Installation

Our installation process is simple. Because of the way we manufacture our cable railings and accessories, RailFX products don’t require fabrication in the field. You only need to assemble the cable railings onsite. Generally, basic tools are all that’s needed to install our products.

Interior stair mount

Our website offers technical data support and installation documents and videos from simple to complex installations along with one-on-one technical support. Because our products are easier to install, our reorder, and satisfaction rates are excellent. See for yourself how stellar RailFX customer service is.

To learn more about RailFX and our turnkey cable railing solution, email us at or call our customer support team at 206.453.1123.

The Growth of Aluminum Cable Railing

Little did we know going into 2020 that the COVID-19 pandemic would annul all the forecasts and surveys conducted in Q4 2019 and Q1 2020. Like many others, our industry had to pivot, and the good news is that manufacturing is a bright spot for the supply and demand markets.

As we learn and adapt how to work from home, school from home, all while living at home, we find ways to make our spaces accommodate what may be the norm for months and years to come.

Home Improvement Spending on the Rise

According to The Home Improvement Research Institute, it’s no surprise home improvement spending has increased almost nine percent in 2020. Contractors account for about four percent, while consumers represent the most extensive increase spending at nearly 11 percent.  

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports “thanks to the pandemic, the front porch is enjoying a new golden age.” The porch allows people to meet face-to-face, masked of course, and still feel like they have the best of both worlds — an inside and outside feeling.

The porch and the backyard living concept continue to drive residential decking and railing demands. As predicted by Principia Consulting (Q3’20), the projected growth rate shows a 4.1 percent growth rate through 2022, with restoration and remodeling driving the market.

Adapting to New Buyers

LBM dealers see an increase in sales to DIYers, many of which are avoiding the home improvement warehouse (Home Depot, Lowe’s, and others) crowds. Many of the pro dealers surveyed in a recent report by Home Innovation Labs™ said they see increases in treated lumber and decking products. Unlike the big box stores, LBM dealers don’t carry a wide selection of SKUs most DIYers are used to seeing.

Growing the Railing Footprint

These days, we are all looking for small victories or silver linings, and the outlook is bright for essential outdoor (and indoor) products to enhance or improve our at-home experience. A recent report by Webb Analytics interviewing suppliers across the country found the appetite for cable railing is growing beyond the West Coast. Powder-coated aluminum railing is also seeing a surge in growth and could outshine PVC in the near term.

According to supplier feedback, there are too many railing options and it’s overwhelming, so some have significantly dropped SKUs. Instead, they rely on manufacturers to have what they need in stock and available with a 48- hour turn in some cases. In some parts of the U.S. aluminum cable railing is new while others have been selling it for years. Of the markets supplying aluminum railing, powder-coated black aluminum is still the number one choice.

Solutions You Can Count On

This all bodes well for us here at RailFX. We make it turnkey for our customers — suppliers, builders and installers, and yes, even DIYers.

At RailFX, we manufacture an all-in-one railing solution for any project. The RailFX aluminum railing system is an easy, affordable, and practical choice with personalized design options, including cable, glass, or picket infill.

We make ordering easy. Fill out a quote request, and we’ll turn it around within 48 hours. We’ll ship your order within three to five days and have it to the job site.

  1. Choose an infill option.
  • CableFX: offers a modern, wider viewing design in 1/8-inch 316 stainless steel cable (recommended for residential applications) and low maintenance. There are two concealed cable options, the Professional  Series and Basic Series.
Aluminum Cable Railing for Decks
  • GlassFX: an excellent windbreak with an unobstructed view, we offer ¼-inch tempered glass in stock or custom designs.
  • PicketFX: a classic and economical design choice available in 5/8″ x 5/8″.
2. Choose a top rail option
  • Post-to post-rails available in round top or square top, or
  • Over-the-post rails in flat, elliptical, or if you prefer, add a wood top, sold separately

3. Choose a post mounting style
  • Surface Mount: used for direct surface mounting to the deck, patio, floor, or stair tread.
  • Fascia Mount (with bracket): for side mounting directly to fascia or rim joist when decking or flashing extend beyond the fascia board.
  • Flush Mount (no bracket): post is mounted directly to the fascia when no deck board or flashing overhangs the fascia board.
  • Core Mount: the post is set in a hole in concrete and grouted in place with non-shrinking grout.

4. Choose a finish color
  • We offer stock colors in black, white, bronze, silver. Custom color options are available for an additional cost and longer lead time.

At RailFX, we’re always building better ways to support you. Lean on us.

More and more homeowners are looking to install cable railing in a home.  It’s not hard to see why. When it comes to railings, you want to know you’re getting a high-quality product that will be durable and reliable, keeping you and your family safe.

When you are choosing a railing system, look beyond function and let it add to the beauty of your home — right down to the last detail. The railing will perform the required safety functions and become an integral part of your home’s design.

With cable railings, like those from RailFX, you get the best of both worlds: the durability of aluminum matched with modern design elements that will transform your space. Cable railings are extremely versatile, ready to be installed in both indoor and outdoor locations.

Better yet, cable railings are an affordable option, which makes them a great solution for a variety of projects.

Want to install cable railing in a home? Here are our top 10 places to install cable railing to inspire your next project.


A raised deck in your backyard provides the perfect spot to enjoy nature, fire up a BBQ or relax with your family and friends. To keep your deck safe and code compliant, you’ll have to install a railing system.

Cable railings ensure minimal obstruction of your view, making it a natural choice. And if you’re looking to complete this project yourself, systems like RailFX are ready to install with basic tools—meaning you’ll be ready to get back to relaxing in no time.

cable railing in a home
deck cable railling


Another great spot to consider cable railings are on your patio. If you want to landscape or redesign your yard, bordering your patio with cable railings can help define and separate different areas of your garden design. With RailFX, you have a wide range of design options to complement any look, including the ability to install with wood, composite sleeve, aluminum or stainless steel posts.


Cable railings can add a beautiful, modern look to the front of your home by enhancing your curb appeal.

When it comes to installation, RailFX offers different options to meet your needs. You can purchase a complete railing system including pre-drilled posts, fittings and hardware, all ready to go or if you prefer to work with your existing posts, you can purchase from a full range of RailFX fittings to install stainless steel cables within your current structure.


indoor cable railing


When people think of the benefits of cable railings, they often think of outdoor applications because cable railings offer beautiful, unobstructed views. However, cable railings can also provide a stunning, sleek, modern aesthetic to the interior of your home. Update your internal stairs by adding a cable railing for a contemporary look.


Give your balcony a beautiful look with cable railing which are suitable for a wide range of climate types, making them a great choice for your balcony. With minimal upkeep required, you won’t be spending endless hours winter-proofing or cleaning your balcony railings, leaving you more time to kick back and enjoy the view.

Outdoor Pathways and Steps

There are many spots where railings can provide stability and enhance safety, especially for those with mobility issues. Adding railings to outdoor steps or pathways (particularly those on an incline or rough terrain) can improve the safety of your home — and depending on your location and type of home, may already be required by building codes.

When you choose to install cable railings, you can turn a safety feature into a striking design choice. If you already have cable railings in other areas of your outdoor space, such as your deck or patio, consider completing the look by using cable railings on outdoor steps and paths.

cable railing for stairs


If you’re pursuing an airy, open-concept look, consider opening up your loft space with a cable railing system. The virtually invisible design of cable railings means you can create a safe loft space, without sacrificing the open loft concept of your dreams.

What’s more, with cable railings you can achieve a high-end look without the high-maintenance upkeep. Cable railings require an annual maintenance check for the tension of the cables and can be kept clean with readily available household cleaning materials, letting you enjoy your home without worry.

cable railing for loft


Looking out to the dock at your home or cottage, you want a space your whole family can enjoy. Because docks tend to be long, and sometimes have one or more sets of stairs, you should incorporate railings on either side to ensure the safety of anyone using the dock.

However, you don’t want to ruin the beauty of your waterfront view. Cable railings ensure both safety and beauty for your waterfront property.


Roof Terraces

If you’re in an urban area and short on outdoor space, a roof terrace can expand your footprint. By adding cable railings, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the bright lights of the city skyline.

If adding a roof terrace is a project you’re considering, you’ll want to look for the best value for your money. Cable railings are an economical option, without long-term maintenance costs, making them a great investment.

roof terrace cable railing

Home Pools

A home pool can be an oasis in the middle of a hot summer. In order to keep your pool safe, it’s important to make sure it’s enclosed. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends a home pool should be fenced in on all four sides.

Cable railings can preserve your peace of mind while balancing your design vision. When planning your pool design, be sure to check your local state and city safety regulations to make sure you’re code compliant.

pool with cable railing


Considering cable railings for your next home improvement project? RailFX systems provide lasting safety matched by outstanding design and are ready for use, indoors or out. 

Learn more at RailFX’s website, or get your personalized quote within 48 hours.

Homeowners have spent a lot more time at home in the first half of 2020 and for some will continue into the foreseeable future. Today, homeowners are finding new ways to mingle work and everyday life in their homes. During this extended time indoors, homeowners are altering how their home functions for this next normal. 

Recent studies show DIY improvement projects are on the rise. Chances are if homeowners are working from home as well as homeschooling, exercising, and more, they may be looking at simple and affordable ways to upgrade their interior space. 

Cable railings are a creative and effective way to change the look of a home on the inside. Traditionally used for exterior projects like decks, pedestrian bridges, walkways, and stairways, cable railings can also transform a staircase and landing, loft or balcony, and even hallways into a design statement. 

RailFX® offers the highest quality aluminum railing systems, stainless steel fittings, and stainless-steel cables that work together to create stunning designs for interiors. We also offer cable railing kits that are available in several combinations to accommodate existing posts and design situations, such as interior applications.

Cable Railings Indoors: Making an Entrance

staircase is, oftentimes, the first thing you see when you enter someone’s home. It can be a design focal point or just another ordinary staircase. While railings offer safety, they can also dress up an otherwise functional space. A great staircase and a great railing go hand-in-hand. 

Cable railings offer homeowners the opportunity to accessorize ordinary and practical parts of the inside of their homes. It can change the entire look of an entryway. The use of cable railings can also blend in or stand out with just about any style of home and offers homeowners a simple and efficient way to upgrade and personalize their living space.


RailFX Balcony

Lofty Goals

Lofts or balconies offer open space and most often function as an all-purpose area for families with play areas, media rooms, home office, or a workout area. Many lofts and balconies are separated from the rest of the home and don’t have an open feeling. 

Cable railings are a great way to open up the area and make the loft area feel part of the whole home experience. The installation is also similar to an exterior decking application.

Passing Through

Hallways, landings, and other small and enclosed areas in the home are narrow and can feel cut-off or just a path to pass through. By installing cable railings in these key areas, the area will offer an openness of the space with unobstructed views never thought possible by traditional building materials. 

Opening up second-story hallways and landings may offer homeowners a more natural light and outdoor view and also a view of pictures or artwork normally only seen from one viewpoint. It offers homeowners a way to showcase their personal style.

Hallway landing cable railing

Interior Solutions – Easy as 1-2-3

Our FlexFX® program offers stainless fittings and cables for use with wood, metal, or sleeved end posts. So, no matter the style of the home — traditional, contemporary, or modern — homeowners can create any railing design with FlexFX stainless steel fitting and cable to fit their style.

Installation on-site is easy with the exclusive Push-Lock® fittings, which do not require any special tools. Simply push the cable into the fitting and it locks. The cable can be cut and inserted into the hardware easily and fittings screw into the posts.

Ordering Made Simple

RailFX has a simple online quoting system with a step-by-step process. Now, faster lead times are possible with FlexFX, cable railing kits, and aluminum railing systems. Quotes are turned around in 24-48 hours, and products (stock colors) shipped within three to five days to any location in protective packaging. 


Spring is always a time for renewal with warmer weather ahead and homeowners gearing up to be outdoor-living ready, especially now that people are spending more time at home. For many homeowners, that means building, replacing, updating, or expanding their decking and railing options. 

Whether the decking material is wood or composite, railings are an essential safety feature and can offer a stylish and finished look for any project. One trend that continues to grow is the demand for cable railings and the growing number of options in the marketplace.

Cable railings offer homeowners a design feature that opens up the living area giving it a more substantial appearance and an unobstructed view. With distinctive looks and low maintenance, cable railings are also code-compliant and work well in both modern and classic aesthetics.

The extensive collection of materials, components, and accessories is overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that complex. In fact, RailFX® makes it simple with our easy-to-install systems, components, and cable railing kit option. 

While cable railings are often sold in kits, we offer all-in-one systems making it easier than ever for deck builders and contractors to distinguish any project design.

Design Flexibility and Low Maintenance

Not all projects are the same, and the flexibility to design a railing system is also an option. RailFX also offers an aluminum all-in-one railing solution for a more customized, create your own approach with a choice of glasspicket, and cable infill systems. 

Using high-strength, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant aluminum extrusions, you’re able to choose from our stock or custom colors that meet AAMA-2605 coating specifications. Their also corrosion and impact resistance along with a coating protection against rusting, cracking, peeling, or repainting.

Outdoor Railing

We make it easy to customize. The first step is to choose an infill option — cable, glass (custom glass options are available), or picket rail — then choose a post to post or over the post rails and post mounting styles. Posts and pickets come in-stock colors, black, white, bronze and silver, or a custom color of your choice.

Easy assembly

We also offer easy field assembly for our aluminum systems with pre-engineered components that snap and screw together on site delivering a turnkey, simple solution. Aluminum posts are pre-cut and pre-drilled. Common and basic tools on hand are all that’s required to install RailFX aluminum all-in-one systems.

Easy to Install Cable Railing Kits

Cable railing kits are available in several combinations and are intended to work with a variety of design options, including stairs, angled, and one to two corner runs. An affordable option, kits come with stainless steel cable and hardware fittings — non-tensioning and tensioning — for both ends of a cable run.

RailFX cable railing kits include one cable in length increments of 5-feet to 70-feet and hardware fittings, washers, and necessary fasteners. We also offer cable railing kits for aluminum, wood, and composite posts for use in new or retrofit applications.

Installing cable railing kits is easy, and no special tools are required. RailFX cable railing kits feature the exclusive Push-Lock® and Pull-lock® fittings. The Push-Lock fitting allows you to push the cable in the fitting, and it locks. Once you pull the cable through the Pull-Lock fitting, finish up by cutting and capping the end.

102 Series

Ordering Made Simple

We make ordering simple with our online quoting system with a step-by-step process. Now, faster lead times are possible with RailFX cable railing kits and aluminum railing systems. Quotes are turned around in 24-48 hours, and products (stock colors) shipped within three to five days to any location in protective packaging. 

A team of RailFX experts is on hand to make sure you are taken care of at every step.

Outdoor living continues to grow, no matter what is happening in the market. More often, homeowners are taking advantage of extending the living area well beyond the warm weather months, and in some cases, year-round. With so many options to choose from, RailFX is here to support you and make your job easier. Lean on us.