Express Mount Brackets Win 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award

RailFX® received a prestigious 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award for the new Express Mount Brackets™. 
A panel of judges, composed of contractors, construction business owners, tradespeople, and media professionals, have tallied the votes for the world’s most innovative products in the construction and outdoor power equipment industry. In its eleventh year, the Pro Tool Innovation Awards brought to light an impressive assortment of pioneering power tools, hand tools, tool accessories, and fasteners. Products were submitted by leading industry manufacturers, showcasing a remarkable breadth of innovation.

Here’s what the PTIA judges had to say about the RailFX Express Mount Brackets™:

Traditional cable railing systems look great, but they require a complex process of drilling through posts and can be a pain to get perfect-looking results. The RailFX Express Mount Brackets take so much of the headache out of the process, that it’s very approachable, even for DIYers who have never installed a cable railing system. Using a drilling template, you can easily ensure each bracket installs at exactly the right height. They screw directly into the side of the post, so there’s no need to drill through them. The hardware installs on the outside of the posts, leaving your view from the inside as one that reveals the look of cable without the hardware.

“Innovation comes in many forms. Pro Tool Innovation Award Winners push boundaries. They typically introduce features no one has ever seen, create new battery-powered solutions, redefine what compact tools can do, or even design products at a lower price than you would otherwise expect for the performance they deliver,” stated Kenny Koehler, Editor-in-Chief. “The work of teams and individuals who dare to think outside the box can be seen all over the Pro Tool Innovation Awards,” he added.

In a rigorous evaluation process spanning several dozen man-hours, the PTIA judges sifted through hundreds of cutting-edge power tools, hand tools, fasteners, products, and accessories. The selection of winners was based on a variety of critical factors. The awarded products stood out for their innovative features, superior power delivery, revolutionary ergonomics, technological advancements, improvements in jobsite safety, or exceptional value. The 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award winners are a testament to the companies and products that propel the construction, landscaping, automotive, and manufacturing industries forward. These industry-leading products merit recognition for their role in driving progress within their respective fields.

This year, 99 different manufacturers and brands submitted over 465 products in dozens of categories for a chance to take home a 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award.

In a statement reflecting on the 11th annual Pro Tool Innovation Awards, Executive Director Clint DeBoer expressed admiration for the ongoing innovation in the industry. “This marks our 11th year of hosting the PTIA Awards, and each year we witness an increasing level of innovation from both large and small companies.” DeBoer added, “Every Pro Tool Innovation Award celebrates a product developed by people who really believe that the standard we’re used to is no longer good enough.”

Click here to learn more about the award winning RailFX® Express Mount Brackets™.

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2022 Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all who participated in 2022 RailFX Photo Contest. The photos submitted to the 2022 Contest showcase the wide variety of views enhanced by RailFX railings. From interior staircases and sprawling balconies to oceanfront decks and patio porches, we enjoyed seeing all the incredible RailFX railing projects completed this past year. A huge thanks to our judges for completing the difficult task of voting to determine our winners.

First Place: SJ Reus Construction

SJ Reus Construction of Watertown, MN installed this railing and took home first place in our 2022 Photo Contest! This project, submitted through our ProFX Rebate program, features waterfront views, beautiful fall foliage, and unobstructed views thanks to RailFX Cable Railing. 

Reminder to licensed contractors: Photos included with your ProFX rebate submission automatically qualify for our photo contest. Congratulations to SJ Reus Construction for taking advantage of these two great programs and earning cash back for choosing RailFX. 

Dealer: ABC Arrow Building Center in Watertown, MN

Second Place: Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson submitted photos of her interior staircase remodel and won second place! These photos demonstrate how cable railing can truly open up any space and modernize the interior of a home. This staircase railing utilizes our RFX400 Top Rail, which allowed for a natural maple hand rail that matched the flooring to be installed on top.

Dealer: Hilltop Lumber in Alexandria, MN

Installer: Todd Loeffler Construction & Masonry in Alexandria, MN. 

Third Place: LKJ Contracting

Our third place winner made a *splash* with this before and after photo contest entry! LKJ Contracting gave the exterior of this home in New York a serious upgrade with RailFX railing. Now the homeowners can enjoy their back deck and view of the pool in style. Wonderful work, LKJ Contracting!

Dealer: Sider Lumber & Supply Co

Want to see your RailFX project featured here? Submit your RailFX railing photos to the 2023 Photo Contest! The contest runs through December 31, 2023, so be sure to submit your photos for a chance to win big. Visit our photo contest page for prize details, full contest rules, and to enter to win.

For years homeowners have redefined the barriers between indoors and outdoors, making it almost a seamless transition. No matter the size of outdoor space, adding interior design cues is key to making the area a complementary and not supplementary space to enjoy.  

Whether designing the outdoor living area in phases or all at once, making a plan or layout is ideal as well as keeping up on new trends that add to the comfort and style. Sticking to a plan ensures homeowners get what they want in the end, and it’s cost-effective.

A Focal Point

The majority of outdoor living areas include a deck, patio, or porch. Whatever the size, this area tends to be the focal point of most outdoor gatherings. Today, homeowners have a choice of materials to use underfoot, and they also have a choice of railings. Railings are sometimes an overlooked item but can be one of the more visual things at first glance.

Cable railings, a design element themselves, can accent, elevate and expand a deck, patio, or porch area. Cable railings offer unobstructed views and give a larger and more spacious appearance to any sized area. RailFX offers all-in-one aluminum railing systems and cable railing kits for any project.

To complement the decking and railing focal point, here is a list of considerations for creating an outdoor retreat everyone can appreciate.


Consider adding landscaping and accessories surrounding the outdoor living area beyond plants, flowers, and the lawn. Add a living wall, or planters — practical for vegetable and decorative for flowers — and screens to delineate open and private areas. When planting, think of the color palette moving from indoors to outside.

Water Feature and Fire Pit

An outdoor water feature is not only popular; it’s become an essential element in many outdoor design plans and offers a bit of serenity. On Pinterest alone, there are thousands of ideas to scroll through.  

Fire pits are one of the hottest trends in outdoor living. A natural environment for gathering around for conversation or roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, fire pits can be as simple or elaborate as desired.

Fireplace on deck

Outdoor Kitchen

While a nice grill fits the bill in most cases, outdoor kitchens with a built-in barbecue or wood-fire grill, exterior-grade appliances like refrigerators, bar area, and countertops are trendy. In most cases, the outdoor kitchen or grilling area are separate spaces because they also require special accommodations like added plumbing and electrical.


Strategically placed outdoor lighting allows homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces well after the sun has set, but it also allows them to highlight key areas or showcase a pathway.

Covered Areas

It’s not uncommon to add a pergola, gazebo, or an arbor to an outdoor living design. Covered structures offer shade and relief from the elements. They also add a design element to the overall landscape.

Today, as more homeowners work and play from home, it’s a great time to support deck builders and remodeling contractors with products that expand a homeowner’s outdoor space.

Whatever the outdoor area, design railings play a significant role. At RailFX, we have an inspiration gallery of projects that complement any design.